Caroline Delgado

I am a PhD Candidate at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester, currently in my final year. My research focus on Colombian security dynamics, specifically the different ways security and insecurity are understood and practiced at the state level and at the level of conflict-affected communities. My interest in Colombian security dynamics stems from previous work in Colombia, which includes positions with the International Crisis Group and UNFPA as well as shorter engagements with local NGOs. In addition, I hold a MA in Humanitarian Action with a specialisation in peace and conflict studies, from University of Uppsala in Sweden.

Research interests

  • How in/security is perceived at different levels of society
  • Relational aspects of in/security
  • Implications of national security policy and practices
  • GIS methods for in/security analysis

PhD working title: Uncovering Human Insecurities: A study of the impact of policy and practice aimed at restoring security in the context of the armed conflict and quest for sustainable peace in Colombia

Abstract: Theoretically framed in critical security studies, my research project examines how security and insecurity are understood, produced and expressed in regions experiencing armed conflict. Specifically, it aims to compare and contrast how security and insecurity are conceptualised and practiced at the state- and community-levels. The topic is explored through a contextual case study looking at conflict-affected urban and rural areas in Colombia. The Colombian state is pursuing a dominantly militarized approach to improve security in the areas acutely affected by the intertwined armed conflict and drug trade. This approach is justified against a human security oriented discourse, with successive governments committing to provide the full range of state services once the necessary security conditions have been achieved. Nevertheless, there are indications that these very policies are also the cause of much human insecurity. Seeking to understand this paradox, the field-based research explores security dynamics at both the state and community levels. In particular it seeks to compare and contrast these two levels in order to provide a fuller understanding of security and explain any tensions between the two.


  • Email: caroline.delgado[at]

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