WORKSHOP: Understanding Violence in Latin America, University of Manchester (6 October 2011)

The workshop will investigate the nature of violence in both the Southern Cone and the Central American region of Latin America.

It specifically seeks to address the following substantive questions:

  • How is violence understood and perceived throughout Latin American countries?
  • Can we find some differences between the different geographical areas of the Latin American region, or only can similarities be established?
  • Is it sufficient to talk about geographical divisions to problematise violence in Latin America?
  • In what ways does a dialogue on violence between the Southern Cone and Central America have to offer to the study of violence?

The workshop will provide a platform for scholars to discuss, from a multidisciplinary perspective, issues of contemporary violence in Latin America, with the aim of encouraging innovative dialogue on the similarities and differences of violence in the region, and advancing on a better understanding of the matter.

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