CALL FOR PAPERS: Second ISA Forum of Sociology, Social Justice and Democratization, Buenos Aires (1 – 4 August 2012)

Research Committee on Social Classes and Social Movements (RC47)

Subjective affirmation, social movement changes and construction of democracy

Session J: Civil society against violence

Jeff GOODWIN, New York University, USA,
Geoffrey PLEYERS, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium,

This panel will focus on the struggles of social movements and civil-society actors more generally against the violence generated by authoritarian states, civil wars, and drug trafficking. How do social actors and civil society attempt to stop violence? In what contexts and to what extent have their efforts been successful? Some mobilizations against state violence have played a key role in the collapse of dictatorial regimes, notably in Argentina. In other cases, when violence does not leave much space for mass mobilizations, cultural, expressive and artistic forms of resistance have nevertheless been emerging. The panel welcomes contributions drawing on case studies in Latin America and other regions.

Session L: Climate justice, “buen vivir” and voluntary simplicity: New lifestyles and political commitments

Geoffrey PLEYERS, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium,
Stewart LOCKIE, The Australian National University, Australia,

Across the world, social actors are showing growing concern about global warming and environmental devastations. While international institutions seem unable to cope with these challenges, grass-roots actors and activists’ networks are mobilizing support for a global agreement aiming at environmental protection and are developing alternative practices and visions of the world. The concept of ‘buen vivir’ illustrates the notable contribution of Latin American indigenous communities to the debate. In Europe and North America, citizens have appropriated alternative lifestyles, consuming less natural resources. This panel will focus on citizens’ initiatives and social movements envisioning to deal with environmental issues both by developing alternative lifestyles and promoting active participation in public debates.


  • On-line abstract submission from August 25 to December 15, 2011.
  • All Forum participants (presenters, chairs, discussants, etc.) need to pay the early registration fee by April 10, 2012, in order to be included in the programme. If not registered, their names will not appear in the Programme or Abstracts Book.
  • On-line registration will open August 25, 2011.

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