AWARD: Excellence in Security and Defense Education

The Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS) announces the opening of the nomination process for the 2012 Dr. William J. Perry Awards

Annually, the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS) selects individuals and/or institutions to receive the Dr. William J. Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education. The awards recognize significant contributions in the fields of security and defense education that reflect the Center’s mission focus. These contributions include the promotion of education, research, outreach and knowledge-sharing in defense and security issues in the Western Hemisphere that lead to enhancing professional security and defense capacity, advancing a cooperative international security environment, fostering effective civil-military relations and adherence to CHDS’ core values. The Center recognizes both individual and organizational efforts.


Candidates for eligibility include any individual or institution that has made or sustained a significant contribution in either academic or policy issues related to the security and defense sectors. They may be educators, practitioners, or institutions of defense and security throughout the Hemisphere, or from outside the region.

Nomination process

Nominations should be sent to the CHDS selection committee, providing the name of the individual or organization, the name of the nominator and contact information for both, a justification for nomination, and strong supportive material. The total package should not exceed 3,000 words. The process for nominating a candidate is open until June 15, 2012.


The Dr. William J. Perry Award will be presented to the individual and/or representative of the institution selected, at a ceremony held during the third week of September, 2012, coinciding with the anniversary of the Center’s foundation.


All nominations must be submitted by June 15, 2012.


The point of contact to which nominations should be sent is Mr. Michael Mann, CHDS Perry Award Project Coordinator. Electronic submissions should be sent to:; paper copies should be sent to: CHDS Perry Award Selection Committee, attn: Michael Mann, c/o National Defense University, Abraham Lincoln Hall, 260 5th Avenue, S.W., Bldg. 64, Washington, D.C. 20319-5066, the United States of America

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