CALL FOR PAPERS: Conexões Parciais (Anthropology)

Revista Digital de Antropologia e Filosofia

The Journal Conexões Parciais (Anthropology) is calling for articles, essays, analytical reviews and interviews produced by undergratuate, graduate, postgraduate students and Professors.
It is an indexed (ISSN 2238-0159), based on peer-review and open-access Journal linked primarily to the State University of São Paulo “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (UNESP).

Editorial board.

Prof. Paulo Santilli (Unesp)
Responsible Editors
Leif Grünewald (PPGA/UFF)
Priscila Santos da Costa (University of St. Andrews)
Conselho Editorial
Prof. Roy Wagner (University of Virginia)
Prof.a Renata Medeiros Paoliello (Unesp)
Prof. Edgar Teodoro da Cunha (Unesp)
Prof. José Antonio Kelly Luciani (Ufsc)
Prof. Paride Bolletin (Università di Perugia)
Prof.a Silvia Maria Schmuziger Carvalho (Unesp)
Justin Shaffner (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Tony Crook (University of St. Andrews)
Prof. Edmundo Antonio Peggion (Unesp)
Prof. Martin Holbraad (University College London)

The Journal receives papers all year round, but the deadline for writings to be published on this second number is 11.04.2012.

The first number can be accessed here:
And the papers must be sent to:

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