CONFERENCE: Security, Democracy and Cities: The Future of Prevention (12 – 14 Dec 2012, Aubervilliers, France)

Organised by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) in partnership with Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis (France), this interdisciplinary and international conference will be dedicated to the exchange of practices, experience and knowledge on crime prevention in Europe and around the world.

Structure of the conference

• some 15 topics on which the European Forum and its network are working, such as mediation, addictions and drugs, the shared use of public space, minorities, cities and organised crime, large sporting events, police and prevention, and violence against women. These topics will be addressed either during round tables, or through field visits, training sessions, and films. They will be co organised with the cities of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis, the national Forums for Urban Security, local associations, and various international institutions partnered with Efus, such as the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC), and the Council of Europe. They will also be invited to contribute to developing the Manifesto.

• debates at the plenary sessions focused on four key issues of urban security: risks, technologies and prevention; governance and citizenship; cities and sustainable development; a Europe open to the world.

• lectures from representatives of international, European and national institutions, as well as from experts in various fields. These sessions will be dedicated to evaluating urban security policies over the past 25 years, the challenges for the future of prevention, and the main themes on which local authorities are currently working.

• the adoption of the Manifesto. The 2012 international conference will allow participants to draft a common policy platform. This political positioning will be reflected in the Manifesto released at the end of the conference which will be named after the two host cities. It will succeed previous Manifestos published in the wake of Efus’ international conferences of Montreal (1989), Paris (1991), Naples (2000) and Saragossa (2006).


More information

Registration will be open online from June 2012.

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