CONFERENCE: Second ISA Forum of Sociology – Social Justice and Democratization (1-4 August 2012, Buenos Aires)


  • The most important objective of the Forum is to provide a meeting place for the various Research Committees, Working Groups, and Thematic Groups. Organizers will be provided as much flexibility as possible in designing their respective programs within the scheduled time slots.
  • The second objective is to develop a socially significant theme involving public actors and to which different areas of sociology can contribute. Social Justice and Democratization, the selected theme for the 2012 Forum, offers RCs, WGs and TGs the opportunity to learn from public actors as well as contributing to the Forum’s main theme.
  • The third objective is to hold the interim Research Council Business Meeting attended by the Delegates from all Research Committees.

Research Committees

RC02 Economy and Society

RC03 Community Research

RC04 Sociology of Education

RC05 Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations

RC07 Futures Research

RC09 Social Transformations and Sociology of Development

RC10 Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management

RC11 Sociology of Aging

RC12 Sociology of Law

RC13 Sociology of Leisure

RC14 Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture

RC15 Sociology of Health

RC17 Sociology of Organization

RC18 Political Sociology

RC19 Sociology of Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy

RC20 Comparative Sociology

RC21 Regional and Urban Development

RC22 Sociology of Religion

RC23 Sociology of Science and Technology

RC24 Environment and Society

RC25 Language and Society

RC26 Sociotechnics, Sociological Practice

RC29 Deviance and Social Control  – with Maria Alejandra Otamendi

RC30 Sociology of Work

RC31 Sociology of Migration

RC32 Women in Society

RC33 Logic and Methodology in Sociology

RC34 Sociology of Youth

RC35 Conceptual and Terminological Analysis

RC36 Alienation Theory and Research

RC37 Sociology of Arts

RC38 Biography and Society

RC41 Sociology of Population

RC42 Social Psychology

RC43 Housing and Built Environment

RC44 Labor Movements

RC45 Rational Choice

RC46 Clinical Sociology

RC47 Social Classes and Social Movements

RC48 Social Movements, Collective Actions and Social Change

RC49 Mental Health and Illness

RC51 Sociocybernetics

RC52 Sociology of Professional Groups

RC53 Sociology of Childhood

RC54 The Body in the Social Sciences

Thematic Groups

TG03 Human Rights and Global Justice

TG04 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

TG05 Visual Sociology

TG06 Institutional Ethnography

TG07 Senses and Society

Working Groups

WG01 Sociology of Local-Global Relations

WG02 Historical and Comparative Sociology

WG05 Famine and Society

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