Researchingsecurity is going to Budapest

We are happy to announce that Researchingsecurity was invited to talk at the PSS-ISA Joint Conference about ‘Security Challenges in an Evolving World’, from 27-29 June, 2013, at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary.

Our panel ‘TD11: Researching (In)Security and Violence: Diffusion in Methodology’ will be held on 27th of June, from 3.30pm – 5pm.

Researching (in)security in violence context is fraught with methodological and ethical concerns and present common barriers across disciplinary fields. These issues become particularly pressing for early career researchers with little experience, few connections, and scarce resources. As such, a blog entitled Researching Security was established in 2011 by PhD and early career researchers as a means through which to diffuse experiences in relation to criminal, (in)security and violence research as a means to overcome obstacles and to spread first hand outcomes. Not only is the space provided to discuss common problems, competing methodologies, share concerns over ethics, the forum has proved to be popular around the world – reaching a concentrated range of readers and commentators in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, the UK and the US – but also as far as Indonesia and Syria. Through presentations by blog participants, new field research will be discussed in the context of methodological issues presented and discussed through the blog and examine the nature and importance of its diffusion in the wider academic and policy community. Three main fields are proposed; ethics, methodology and networking in the field of security and violence studies.


Edmund Pries, Wilfried Laurier University


  • Juan Carlos Ruiz: Methodological challenges to study violence in Latin American excluded communities
  • Verena Brähler: Gaining and Maintaining Access when Researching Security, Organised Crime and Violence
  • Kari Mariska Pries: Learning Lessons in Conflict Analysis: Strategy-sharing in the study of violence
  • Susan Hoppert-Flämig: The Cultural Limits of Ethical Standards
  • Maria Alejandra Otamendi: Use of Secondary Quantitative Data to Study Crime and Crime Perceptions: The case of public punitiveness in Buenos Aires

We are looking forward to meeting our friends and colleagues in Budapest for an exciting conference!

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