NEWS: Thinking about Peace Research in 21st Century Latin America

Congratulations to Susan Hoppert-Flaemig, Egoitz Gago Anton and everyone else at the Peace, Conflict and Development Journal (University of Bradford) who has been involved in the release of the latest special issue.

Please find all articles here.

  • EDITORIAL: Thinking about Peace Research in 21st Century Latin America
  • Friction in a Warming World: The Challenges of Green Energy in Rural Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Andean Ethno-cultural Politics and their Effects on Social Violence: Evidence and Hypothesis from the Bolivian Case
  • Challenging the Weak States Hypothesis: Vigilantism in South Africa and Brazil
  • Argentinian Transitional Justice Process: Women Behind
  • Peace Processes in Colombia: International Third-Party Interventions
  • Uncovering the Role of Education in Citizen Security: a Peace Education Research Agenda for Latin America
  • Prone to Conflict, but Resilient to Violence. Why Civil Wars Sometimes Do Not Happen: Insights from Peru and Bolivia
  • “Peace of Little Nothings”: a View within the Peace Laboratories in Colombia
  • BOOK REVIEW: Mexico’s Security Failure: Collapse into Criminal Violence

“We dedicate this Special Issue to our dear PhD colleague Elizabeth Kerr who died of cancer on 4 January 2013. Elizabeth contributed to this collection of articles by helping us to articulate our ideas of strengthening peace research on Latin America. We are very grateful for her valuable support; we miss her brilliant ability of constructive criticism in our academic work, and we miss her as a great friend.”

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