NEWS: Conference papers now online

We would like to draw your attention to our PhD researchers’  conference papers  that are now online and offer valuable insight into researching security and violence, principally in Latin America.


From physical to symbolic urban periphery: the heterogeneity of the inner-slum, Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS) Annual Conference, University of Manchester, UK, by Juan Carlos Ruiz (April 2013)


A Salvadoran Turnaround? The FMLN’s Response to Citizen Security Needs. 54 International Congress of Americanists, Vienna, by Susan Hoppert-Flämig (July 2012)

What can anthropologists offer to Security Studies? A report from the RAI Anthropology in the World Conference June 2012, London / UK, by Jenna Murray de López (June 2012)

Rural-Urban Migration in Chiapas, Mexico: Antenatal Violence and the Disappearing of the Midwife, Congreso Internacional Feminismo y Migración: Intervención Social y Acción Política, by Jenna Murray de López (February 2012)


Inecesárea: The Violence of Childbirth in Mexico, International Conference on Gendered Violence, University of Bristol, UK, by Jenna Murray de López (November 2011)


The Crisis of Forced Internal Displacement and the Struggle over the Right to Citizenship in Medellin, Workshop Panel: The Challenges of Access to Citizenship Rights, Latin American Studies Association Conference (LASA), by Elizabeth Kerr (2010)

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