BOOK: Anthropology and Security Studies, edited by Fina Antón Hurtado and Giovanni Ercolani
















The full book is available here.

Foreword: An Anthropological Approach to Security, Luis Álvarez Munárriz; Introduction: Anthropology and Security Studies, Fina Antón Hurtado and Giovanni Ercolani;

(1) Considerations on Anthropology and Critical Security Studies in a Globalized Context: The NATO Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) Doctrine as an Anthropological Space, Giovanni Ercolani;

(2) Visual Ethnographies, Conflict and Security, Chris Farrands;

(3) The Psychology of Peacekeeping: One Domain Where Political Realism and Critical Security Theory Will Meet, Harvey Langholtz;

(4) ’The Revolution Continues Worldwide!’: Emancipatory Politics In an Age of Global Insecurity, Danielle Moretti-Langholtz;

(5) Anthropological Methods in Counter-Trafficking Activities: Analysis of Criminal Networks and Victim-Oriented Approach, Desirée Pangerc;

(6) Anthropology and Conflicts, Marco Ramazzotti; Conclusions: A New Grammar for International Relations in a New World Order, Maurizio Boni.

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